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Desktop Computer Motherboard, DDR4 Motherboard ZX-99EV3-V1.31 Printed Circuit Board Stable for I7 E5
Item Type: X99 Desktop Computer Motherboard
Keywords: X99 Lga2011-3, For I7 E5, Motherboard, DDR4
Product Parameters:
Material: Printed Circuit BoardModel: ZX-99EV3-V1.31
Battery Model: CR2032L (not included) 210mAh
Application: Desktop Computer
Motherboard Size: Approx. 220 x 280 mm / 8.7 x 11in
CPU Support: LGA2011-V3
Core Series: 6800k, 6850k, 6900k, 5820k, I7 38xx, i7 39xx, V1 16xx, V1 26xx, V1 46xx, V2 16xx, V2 26xx, V2 46xx, i7 58xx, i7 68xx, V3 16xx, V3 26xx, V3 46xx, V4 16xx, V4 26xx, V4 46xx
For Series: E5-V3 / E5-V4 serial processor
Chipset: For x99
Memory: Support 4 DDR4 2133/2400/2800, maximum support 32GB
RAM: ECC / REG / non-ECC
Hard Disk: Provide 8 SATA2.0 interfaces and a SSD M.2 interface (support PCIE and modes)
Audio Card Chip: For ALC662 5.1 channel audio
NIC Chip: For 8106E / 8111H 100 Mbps / Gigabit
Power Connector: 1 x 8Pin, 1 x 24Pin
BIOS: BIOS Settings
Other Interface Sockets:
1 PS / 2 interface; 4 USB3.0 interface; 4 USB2.0 interface; 2 PCI-E 16X interface; 3 PCI-E X interface; a AUDIO2 audio interface; an ATXPWR interface; a PWR12V interface; an ATX CPU interface; a LAN interface; a WIFI interface;
Extension Pins: 1 F AUDIO pin; 1 FP USB3 pin; 1 F USB pin; 1 J AUIO ON pin (automatic power-on); 1 JCMOS pin; 1 DEBUG pin; 1 COM pin;
1: If you use i7 series processors, please do not use REG ECC at the same time, because they are not compatible with each other.
2: This platform requires a powerful power supply. Please make sure that your power supply is sufficient to support this platform. (At least 500w brand power supply)
3: All products are tested before shipment.

Package List:

1 x Motherboard

1 x Cable

1 x Baffle

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